The AASCU-Penson Center for Professional Development delivers creative solutions to meet your unique needs and priorities in order to advance the success of your institution.
We provide high quality services to college and university presidents, chancellors and their executive teams including consultation and research. Our associates stay apprised of the latest methodologies and best practices through research and by continuously seeking professional development opportunities in their areas of expertise. Check out our broad range of services, and let us know how we can help you.

Strategic Planning Consultation and Facilitation

You’ll need a comprehensive strategy to manage the challenges and embrace the opportunities you’ll encounter to better serve your students and stakeholders.

We can help you:

• Develop a new strategic plan or update an existing one
• Define your institution’s values, vision, mission
• Assess strategic positioning relative to peers and competition
• Set goals, objectives and initiatives
• Develop funding and implementation strategies

Leadership Assessment and Development

Even seasoned leaders can benefit from professional development activities and coaching to enhance communication skills, improve performance, and boost confidence.

We provide:

• Consultation services for newly appointed and experienced presidents and senior executives
• Performance reviews for presidents and senior executives based on 360-degree assessments and subsequent developmental strategies

Board Development

Your institution’s board members can offer valuable experience and insights to navigate the challenges facing higher education.

Our services for institutional boards, as well as those of university systems, foundations, councils or commissions, include:

• Orientation and development, including performance assessments and self-assessments
• Enhancing relationships between boards and presidents

Organization and Team Development

Your leadership team plays a critical role in the success of your institution. We can help your team build effective communication skills, define roles and responsibilities, develop strategies to meet goals, and identify creative solutions to problems.

We will work closely with president, vice presidents, deans and other senior administrators to provide team development services, including:

• Organization reviews
• Communication audits
• Organizational performance assessments

External Relations and Fund Development

Your institution’s strong ties with key stakeholders—from faculty, staff and students to alumni, parents and government officials—are critical to your college or university. We can help you develop and strengthen relationships to enhance fundraising efforts, improve marketing strategies and promote public support.

Our services include:

• Developing fund-raising infrastructure, including annual giving, major donor and deferred giving, corporate and foundation support, and comprehensive campaigns
• Evaluating and improving advancement organization, personnel and programs
• Facilitating foundation and alumni board orientation, development, and assessment
• Professional development for alumni relations, communications and governmental relations staff
• Assessing staff and program performance

Leadership Transition and Succession Management

Preparing for a leadership change can be bittersweet for any campus community. You’ll want to manage a seamless transition that maintains a positive campus climate and identifies the opportunities for continued growth and success.

We offer consultation and facilitation services for university boards, systems, presidents and their teams to keep your institution moving forward.

Our innovative Six Phase Model for selecting, developing, evaluating and retaining effective executive leadership includes:

• Preparation for the search through environmental and institutional scanning to set up a successful search
• Search committee formulation, orientation, training and search process consultation
• “Transition-in” consultation for governing boards, system executives and presidents to ensure a successful beginning for newly appointed presidents and chancellors
• Professional development consultation and facilitation for presidents, chancellors and their teams
• Performance reviews for presidents, chancellors and senior executives
• “Transition-out” consultation to ensure continuous effective institutional leadership as departing executives prepare their exit

Financial, Administrative, and Facilities Evaluations

The financial landscape for universities has changed dramatically over the past decade and can change overnight due to legislative mandates and public universities’ dependency on state appropriations.

We can help you with:

• Address revenue shortfalls by developing and implementing strategies to reduce expenditures/increase revenues by evaluating academic and non-academic programs.
• Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of financial and administrative processes and organizational structures.
• Establish a transparent and inclusive budget process linked to your university strategic plan.
• Evaluate your facility and space needs and guide the development of a comprehensive campus plan.

Academic Planning and Development

Student success and degree completion is an important focus as you look at developing the best academic experience for your students. You want to prepare them for an economy and society that requires global literacy while putting them on the path to becoming engaged and responsible citizens.

We can help you with:

• Program assessment, prioritization and improvement aligned with institutional goals
• Professional development programs and services for provosts, vice presidents, deans and department heads

Accreditation Planning and Follow-Up

As former presidents and chancellors, our associates have experienced the rigorous accreditation process of self review, evidence-gathering and documentation, and external evaluation. We can help ensure a thorough review to position your institution for success in the future.

Our accreditation services include:
• Preparation and organization
• Implementation of recommendations
• Merging accreditation and strategic planning

University & Community Partnerships

Colleges and universities can form powerful partnerships with the communities and regions they serve to address issues such as economic and workforce development, school reform, regional planning and environmental protection. These outreach opportunities provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for students while enhancing the quality of life for area residents.

We’ll help you identify outreach, applied research, service learning and other possibilities by:
• Assessing areas where your institution’s goals intersect with regional needs
• Identifying structural and funding strategies
• Advising the institution in the selection of partnerships and negotiation with the developer and other third parties
• Building infrastructure for successful oversight